At Higgins and Brown we are proud to uphold the traditions and craftmanship of Savile Row by offering our customers classic English tailoring alongside an unrivalled level of personal service.

We are somewhat unique in that we offer both bespoke and made to measure tailoring that is made right here in Yorkshire, not farmed off to some remote outpost of Eastern Europe or Asia.

To make it easier for our customers to take full advantage of our current offer we now have meeting rooms in most major UK cities.... But if you can't find the time to come to us we are more than happy to arrange a home or office visit.

*** Mens Autumn Suit Offer *** 2 Bespoke Suits (with waistcoat or extra trouser) for £999

*** Mens Autumn Shirt Offer *** 3 Bespoke Shirt for £345 or 5 Bespoke Shirt for £500

Savile Row with a Yorkshire twist!
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Savile Row Bespoke Tailors

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